About me! The Athlete, the Performer and the Teacher Bio.

Hi! I’m Micah Walters. I’m an athlete, performer and teacher. I specialize in all things acrobatic! I consider myself a hybrid of athleticism and artistry, part acrobat and part ballerina. My take on movement comes to life by performing acrobatic disciplines with balletic finesse. 

In my early youth, I studied gymnastics under a system passed down from Soviet greats. In my teens, I received classical ballet training along with jazz, modern and contemporary styles. This cross training softened and polished my physicality and gave me a keen sense for movement. As an adult, I discovered circus arts and began to train several disciplines that helped me combine my gymnastics and dance training into a style of movement all my own.

My first job was teaching tumbling technique to a high school cheer team. Later, I would go on to coach a competitive girls gymnastics team in San Francisco, California. I also worked and trained under another Soviet Great, Eduard Azarian, in Aliso Viejo, California. Coaching gymnastics helped me to develop my ability to demonstrate and modify skills that I had mastered as a young athlete. I developed a keen sense of language around movement and learned to break down a skill into many parts. Ten years of gymnastics coaching helped me to develop my intimate knowledge of bio-mechanics.

Later I moved into fitness training and acquired certifications through NASM including Corrective Exercise Specialist and Sports Performance Specialist. I also hold a certification in Aerialates, a format that uses aerial conditioning to rehabilitate and strengthen bodies of all types and abilities. Additionally, I hold a 200 hour Yoga teacher certification through YOGAMAZE. 

Currently, I live in Los Angeles, California where I coach students online through a carefully crafted system I have developed called Micah Walters Movement. I use video chat to helps students master conditioning and flexibility basics that help to reverse compensations and rewire faulty movement patterns. I also travel and teach workshops, masterclasses and teacher tune ups.