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Micah Walters Movement at Aerial Artique
7:30 PM19:30

Micah Walters Movement at Aerial Artique

Toning and Sculpting for Legs and Feet

Come tone, sculpt and polish your lines in this 2 hour intensive with professional aerialist and dancer Micah Walters.

Clean lines are imperative to the quality of our work as circus artists, but they’re not just a pretty picture, they are a depiction of the strength, mobility and intelligence in our legs and feet. This class will dive into exercises that develop your leg strength from all angles with the intention of lengthening and strengthening simultaneously.

Too often in fitness, legs are conditioned to be sturdy and burly. In the process, the most important leg muscles for circus and dance are ignored and looked over. This class will have your legs singing in ways you never imagined, resulting in longer, leaner and more agile legs and feet.

Pre-Reqs: This class is for students of all levels.

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This is the first of three movement workshops designed for those looking to refine their skills and conditioning for aerial arts, acrobatics, acro-yoga, dance and more. This series will pursue acrobatic elements first by strengthening the relevant body regions in order to later map the proper timing and mechanics of the skill.

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