"Skype sessions with Micah are informative and quite cleverly structured. If you are looking for flexibility programming, Micah is a wonderful source!" - Tekla Kostek

Video chat training

You can achieve your flexibility and fitness goals from the comfort of your home or studio! Video chat training makes it possible! This is motivating and innovative coaching that is tailored to YOU! 

For the past two years I have worked with clients from around the world on Skype and FaceTime. I have developed an effective method for increasing flexibility and strength with careful progressions and detailed verbal cuing.

Join my community of students and begin your journey with me today!

Session Prices

1 60-minute session - $100

1 90- minute session $120

4 60 minute sessions - $300

4 90 minute sessions- $400

Contact me at micahjwalters@gmail.com to get started!

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Micah lives what he does. He is attentive to where you want to go and takes you there at lightening speed. He knows how to train the body to do impossible and amazing things. I am so grateful to learn his well practiced tips and tricks for handstands and flexibility!
— Amy, cirquebella.com
Goal-based, anatomy-driven, functional fitness with personalized asana flows. When training with Micah it’s truly your move.
— David Bowden, M.D.
I started working with Micah in the spring of 2013, with the express goal of wanting to learn how to do freestanding handstands, in the middle of the room, unsupported by a wall or someone to spot me. Micah took me from having zero experience at this lofty goal, to being able to now successfully achieve my goal of regularly doing unsupported, freestanding handstands, for up to 40 seconds. The conditioning process has improved my overall fitness level. I love working with Micah, b/c he challenges me to improve, is encouraging and the results are remarkable. I feel lucky to learn these skills, as an adult. Most 45 year old women can’t stand on their hands for nearly a minute!
— Susan Tenby